Mary-Kate & Joe's Mount Saint Mary's Engagement

Mary-Kate and Joe both graduated from Mount Saint Mary's in 2013 so they decided that this beautiful campus would be the perfect place for their wedding and engagement shoot! All I have to say after this shoot is, what a beautiful campus! I cannot believe that I have never been there before! I want to thank them for taking me! We had a lot of fun touring the campus and taking photos along the way. They were up for anything and had smiles on their faces the whole time. I already know that their wedding is going to be a blast! Come on 2016!

Project 365: Days 78-84

This week was a week full of people! I have been pushing myself to experiment a little more with portraiture, so here you have it! This was an eventful week because I had my first wedding and car show of the season! Now that the weather is warming up I will be doing a lot more of both of those things. 

Project 365: Days 71-77

Another eventful week in the life of Sarah! I got everything I needed for graduation, drank some good coffee, and enjoyed some beautiful cars. What else can I ask for? My first wedding of the season is this Saturday so this upcoming week will be full of preparation and excitement!