Kathryn & Kevin | Camden Yards Engagement Photos | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday Tim and I met Kathryn and Kevin bright and early in Baltimore for their sunrise engagement session. When Kathryn and I were first planning their engagement session she mentioned wanting to take photos in Camden Yards. That was something I had never done, but knew it probably came with a hefty price tag for a four person tour. When I inquired with the tour manager and found out it was affordable I was so excited to tell Kathryn! We immediately booked the time and date and excitedly waited for a few months to pass. The tour was at 9am last so we agreed upon meeting at the Inner Harbor at sunrise. We may not have gotten a beautiful sunrise because of the clouds, but we did get an empty harbor! The only other people at the harbor were morning joggers and dog walkers...it was perfect! We definitely took advantage of all of the open space! 

If I had to describe Kathryn & Kevin in one word it would be FUN. Seriously, from the moment we met them Tim and I felt like we were long lost friends. We were laughing throughout the whole session and joking about peppadews (a pepper that is heavily used at Miss Shirley's Cafe that none of us knew about, haha.) They were up for anything and not afraid of being 100% genuine. We seriously cannot wait for their wedding next year! I could go on and on about how much fun their session was, but I'll let the photos speak for themseleves!

Okay, for real, how awesome are their baseball shoes?!

Probably one of my favorite moments from the session! This is Kathryn's excited face when a Camden Yards supervisor stopped by and unlocked a beer fridge so we could use some cans of beer as props!