Emily & Kosta | M&T Bank Stadium Engagement | Ravens Stadium Engagement

This past Saturday Tim and I spent the evening with Emily and Kosta at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore for their engagement session. Emily and Kosta will be having their reception in the Club Level of the stadium next year, so it was only right that they did their engagement session there as well!  The only downside to using the stadium was the fact that they were doing construction on the jumbo-tron, so the field was covered in what looked like wood (you can see a corner of it in one or two of the photos) to protect the turf. The field was off-limits, but don't worry, we will get plenty of photos on it on their wedding day! We had plans to catch the sunset in Fells Point for the second half of their session, but things didn't work out like we had hoped they would. That evening in Baltimore was completely crazy! We all had never seen so many people out and about. It must have been the combination of the O's game and the amazing weather! So instead of catching the sunset we decided we should all get dinner and get to know each other more! Emily and Kosta chose Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point as our dinner/breakfast location. I have always heard amazing things about the Blue Moon Cafe, but have never gone, let me tell you...it was fantastic! This was a fun location too because it was actually where they had their first date! So fun! 

While at our breakfast/dinner we learned a lot about Emily and Kosta. A few fun facts are they absolutely love their fur babies, Chewy & Louis, they enjoy music festivals and concerts, and they like exploring new places. Even though the day didn't go as planned, we all had a lot of fun in the time we spent together!

We are planning on reconvening and getting the second half of their engagement session done, so be on the lookout for another blog of these two in the future! In the meantime, enjoy their M&T Bank Stadium photos!

P.S. Emily's ring is so beautiful!!