Valerie & Richie | Gender Reveal | Maryland Family Photographer

I am absolutely in love with this session. Not only because it was full of laughter and homemade cornstarch powder, but also because it involves one of my best friends from college and her amazing boyfriend! Valerie and Richie are literally one of the cutest couples on the face of the earth. Whenever I see them I can't help but think that they are going to have the "American Dream" fairytale life together. I remember when they first started dating back in college, I was so excited that Valerie met such a caring guy who she was head over heals for. 

A little back story on me and Valerie's friendship...we first met our senior year in high school at the Tech center in Carroll County. We ended going to Stevenson University together and having some of the same classes. I don't think it was until the end of freshman year that we really became friends. We then became the girls in the back of the classroom who laughed at all the wrong times and found Pinterest more interesting than anything that the professors had to say. We then traveled to Europe together on a school photography trip and had the time of our lives. (Valerie is also a wedding and portrait photographer who does beautiful work, by the way!) I am so happy we crossed paths in life and honored to call her one of my best friends. 

Back to the gender reveal, when Valerie asked me to photograph this special moment I was super excited, mainly because I would be one of the first people to know if it was a boy or girl, but also because her and Richie are lots of fun to work with! Valerie tried to make pink powder for the session, but when we took it out of the bag it was more like sand. So instead of doing a smoke-like background they had a fight with this homemade goodness. I will admit, it was so funny watching them throw all of this pink powder at each other!

Obviously Richie and Valerie are having a precious baby girl! They are going to make amazing parents and I cannot wait to watch their little family grow together! Just a few short months and we will all get to meet little Addison! Congratulations guys!