Diana goes to Mexico | Mexico Film Photography

As many of you know, I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Playa del Carmen, Mexico back in February. It was a wonderful trip full of great people, amazing food, and beautiful sights. When traveling I love to experience new things and capture them in different ways. When I learned that I would be traveling to Mexico I immediately knew that I had to bring my plastic Diana, or as I call her, "Dirty Diana". (That is for all of the Michael Jackson fans!!)

The Diana camera is a very unique little film camera. It is made by Lomography and shoots 120mm film. It is famous for light leaks, chopping people's heads off with its not-so-accurate viewfinder and its minimal settings. The Diana is also known for creating vibrant colors, double exposures and dreamy images. So naturally, when I was packing for Mexico, I threw her in my camera bag!

Throughout the whole trip I had constant questions about my plastic camera; Dirty Diana is always a conversation starter! Most photographers never believe me when I tell them that it is a medium format camera! She may be small and plastic, but she is mighty! Take a look at some of the dreamy photos she got!