Allison & Rafe Engaged | The Shrine of St. Anthony

A few days before Tim and I left for Mexico we met up with Allison & Rafe at The Shrine of St. Anthony in Howard County, MD. This engagement session had been a long time coming because it got cancelled twice before it actually happened! The winter weather and snow finally held out long enough for us to spend some time getting to know Allison and Rafe before we left for Mexico. I definitely want to start off by saying that they were complete champs for the shoot! They didn't mind hiking through 10-12 inches of snow to find a great location, even with Rafe wearing dress shoes! We spent time finding both inside and outside locations, which was a great idea because it gave us time to warm our hands and feet back up. 

Allison and Rafe are perfect for each other. The way they interacted while posing and also in-between shots was completely heartwarming. The laughter they share is contagious, and the jokes they make are hilarious. We all spent most of the session making jokes and making sure Allison's hands weren't freezing off! The architecture of location was beautiful, who knew such a cool structure was right down the road from me?! We could have spent hours shooting here, but sadly they closed down at 5pm. 

Tim and I are beyond excited for their wedding in June. If it is as fun as the engagement session, than we are in for a good time!