Project 365: Days 50-56

This week was full of new learning experiences, great people, and adventures in Baltimore. I learned new techniques that I plan to continue to work on throughout the rest of the year. I used my 50mm for mainly portraits this week but also included some landscape and interior shots. So far the 50 has proven to be very versatile in everything that I do! It almost never comes off of my camera body! If you have any questions or want to know more about a photo feel free to contact me! 

50/365 - If you don't know already, my family and I are huge Batman fans. My brother has a special name tag that he wears to work every now and then when he is feeling...batty. I would love to walk into a store and see something like this on an employee that I didn't know! I love people who have a sense of humor!

51/365 - I like to think that I have the world's most beautiful mother. She has the most contagious smile that I have ever seen, and always lights up any room that she walks in. A lot of people say we look alike but I just don't see it!

52/365 - While I was out walking around Baltimore City during my internship I ran across this kind gentleman and his co-worker. Their work van had broken down on the side out in front of the Baltimore Sun building. He was kind enough to let me photograph him while he waited for help to come by!

53/365 - We had major snow Thursday! It is a rare occasion that this many people are out and about in my neighborhood. It's fun to get to know people and help each other out with snow removal. I was so incredibly thankful for this snow day and the relaxation that it allowed!

54/365 - Friday was my first time at Lexington Market in Baltimore! I can't believe that I have never been here before. Apparently they are planning to redo the whole market in the near future. I'm glad I got to see it before they start renovating. The market has such a small-town feeling to it, I love it!

55/365 - I got to spend my day Saturday at Jeremy and Emily's baby shower! I am so excited to meet the little guy in few weeks! They are going to be such great parents together. 

56/365 - I learned a little bit about digital multiple exposures recently so I decided to give it a try and I am pleased with the result! I always found it interesting to create double exposures with film so it was cool to learn that I can do it with digital photography as well. I really want to play around with double exposure portraiture next.